Product Owner: Bartiméus

Worked with: DAF

Pupilletjes is a serious Virtual Reality game. In the game you step into the shoes of an eye researcher. Aliens have crashlanded into a pond and need your help to get out! You fish aliens out of the water and in exchange, the player performs eye examinations on the aliens. When the aliens are on land, they start building several structures for all their party needs.

Puppiletjes is a game designed for young adults with rare visual disorders. The game is stationed at Bartiméus. Bartiméus is a diagnostic center specialized in rare visual disorders. Bartiméus offers a wide range of research, diagnostics and treatments throughout the Netherlands. They also have their own schools, housing facilities and forms of daytime activities. Children and adults alike can be very tense when visiting Bartiméus, since they often already have already undergone a (often lengthy) process at a regular hospital. Bartiméus wanted to have a game where this tension can be relieved a little, and is very happy with the end result.